High Risk Ach Processing

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High Risk Ach Processing

The Benefits Of High Risk ACH Processing

As the cost of running businesses increases, a lot of business owners are looking for alternatives ways to minimize their expenses. Some companies and businesses reduce their expenses and save more cash by encouraging their clients to make payment via the Automated Clearing House, popularly known as ACH transactions, and these payments are fund transfers that are electronic based.

With the assistance of a high risk ACH processing merchant, businesses and companies can accept ACH payments. Below are some ways businesses and customers can benefit from high risk ACH processing.

Less Fees

The reduced cost of processing ACH payments is one of the major benefits to companies and businesses. Providers of high risk merchant accounts usually provide rates for processing such ACH transactions that are far less expensive compared to what they charge for taking care of credit card payments. Encouraging your clients to make payments via ACH can result in saving your business some money. While the reduced processing cost for payments through ACH offers businesses a lot of benefits, clients also benefit indirectly from it. When companies can maintain their administrative and processing costs, they can keep the prices of products steady.

Faster Access to Funds

This benefit applies mainly to businesses and companies. On average, the processing of ACH needs one to three working days to clear. This time frame is not as fast as settling for payment via credit card, but it’s faster than waiting for the clearance of a check. As a result of this faster processing, merchants receive cash faster via ACH processing. You do not need to wait for a check to show up in a mail and get processed. Rather, your customers can make payments online or over the phone with their bank account details.

Convenience for Customer and Business

Unlike preparing a check and sending it via mail, high risk ACH processing transactions are electrically handled, making the process more convenient for clients. For customers that pay for services that recur, ACH transactions allow them to make continuous payments. The client gets to enjoy a payment arrangement known as “set it and forget it.” With the help of this feature, businesses benefit when more of their clients set up recurring payments. With this continuous fee structure, there is a high probability that a customer will stay with a business for a long time. Businesses also get reliable income when customer make recurring payments because the bank account has no expiry date. The payments will continue until it is stopped by the customer.


With ACH payment system, clients enjoy a high level of security because the transfer of fund is instant and it is not a paper check that can get lost. Companies also reduce their dependence to get paid on a paper trial, minimizing the possibility that they will lose money if the check is mistakenly misplaced or destroyed by a staff member.

As companies, business, and customers look for ways to speed up and simplify transactions, ACH payments is the ideal solution for both groups.


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